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Beeman Park, Los Angeles Property Review by Bryan Abrams

The Beeman Park, Los Angeles neighborhood is centered around the Studio City Recreation Center park and away from major streets. Beeman Park—also the name of the recreation center in Studio City—is located just north of Moorpark and west of Whitsett within LA County, California. Beeman Park, Los Angeles contains a lighted baseball diamond, lighted basketball courts (indoor and outdoor), four lighted tennis courts, a large play area for children, and lots of trees for shaded picnics, which make Beeman Park a great place for family outings.

Beeman Park facility highlights include a new walking, running, and bicycle path with a fitness trail, an auditorium, barbecue pits, exercise equipment to help you stay fit, picnic tables, legacy gymnastic equipment, and many areas for children to play. Beeman Park in Los Angeles and close to Studio City is known for its landscaping and mature trees that provide natural shade and natural canopies for the children’s play areas.


Beeman Park is the home of the Studio City Recreation Center, which hosts classes for people of all ages, including kids, ranging from Zumba and Tai Chi to tennis and even guitar lessons. The Beeman Park, California preschool is open Monday through Thursday for 3 to 5-year-olds, giving parents and older children the time and space they need to work up a sweat and have some adult time getting fit.


Beeman Park Amenities: Birthdays, Senior Center, More Recreation for the Family

The sparse trees at the Beeman Park Recreation Center provide some shade in the heat, but it’s only a few blocks from the Studio City Library, where there is air-conditioning. The Beeman Park Recreation Center also offers playground equipment, horseshoe pits, an open play area, parking lots galore, and a well recognized senior center for older adults to enjoy the benefits of the park and surrounding areas. The recreation center is available to rent out for events, including birthday parties and other fun get-togethers year-round. You can contact the Beeman Park Recreation Center about planning and booking events or about having a party at the park; they ask that you get a permit if you will be getting a bounce house or other large equipment for your event. Unlike some other parks in the area, Beeman Park Recreation Center has accommodating restrooms for the whole family.


Lacrosse, anyone? If you want to get your child involved in team sports, check out the Studio City Recreation Center’s online schedule of sporting events for children of all ages. There is a lot to choose from, and the types of sports offered varies depending on the time of the year. Beeman Park has sports camps for those times when your little ones are out of school and could use something to busy their minds and help them burn off extra energy. There’s even a Pre-K class for the littlest members of the family!

Beeman Park Preschool: Get Your Little Ones Enrolled in the Area’s Best Little School for Tots

The Studio City Co-op Preschool makes it’s home here at Beeman Park Recreation Center as well. It’s tucked away in the corner near the parking lot on Rye Street. Classes are four days a week, Monday thru Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. It involves more time on your part than a traditional drop-off type of school because parent volunteers actually run this small school for Tots. That said, it’s also less expensive than the other drop-off schools in the area if that’s something you may consider as a benefit. So, if you’re looking for something to do this is a great place to stop in for a couple of hours, you’ll want to bring cash for the ice cream truck that’s parked out front.


Summer School in Beeman Park, California in LA County

The Beeman Park summer school has a week-long day camp devoted solely to Hollywood. Most of Studio City’s sports programs and recreation classes for children, teens, adults, and seniors are located at Beeman Park. Co-ed youth sports programs include baseball, basketball, soccer, and flag football. A wide array of classes is also available ranging from sports clinics, dance, self-defense, doubles tennis for seniors, and senior exercise. The Rec Center also provides a preschool program, and a winter and summer camp.

Beeman Park, Los Angeles Area Homes

The homes in the Beeman Park, Los Angeles community were constructed primarily in the 1950s, and for the most part, were built by real estate developer, William Mellenthin. These homes are distinguished by features such as a birdhouse on top of the roof over the garage, and diamond-paned windows, along with other features you will scarcely see outside of the Beeman Park area development.

William Mellenthin Homes in Beeman Park, California

9e73fb1be47f8b30939f783ec857bb09-mz2a4007The name William Mellenthin (1896-1979) is legendary in the Beeman Park area of Southern California. One of the Southland Valley’s pioneer developers, Mellenthin was responsible for constructing hundreds of homes throughout Studio City, Beeman Park, and The Valley of Los Angeles from the 1930s through the 1950s. Like his later contemporary Joseph Eichler, Mellenthin built homes that were a cut above the contemporary homes of the time, and his work was high quality in both architectural design and in the materials used to build each individual home. Mellenthin knew which features to add to make a house attractive to prospective home buyers, and he became renowned for his so-called “birdhouse” additions, also known more popularly as dovecotes. Often referred to as “Birdhouse homes,” these Mellenthin houses became—and remain—an almost ubiquitous sight throughout the Studio City and Beeman Park area, and could even be called the quintessential Valley home because of the popular SoCal firm’s signature stylistic flourishes. Mellenthin properties frequently featured details such as red brick fireplaces and other traditional design elements found in country-style homes in more rural areas of California.

Mellenthin Homes in Beeman Park and San Fernando Valley: The Right Price in the Right Neighborhood for You


A Mellenthin home is still considered one of the best-designed households in the San Fernando Valley and currently, range in price from $750,000 to $1.4 million or a little more depending on the housing market. Many lots are large at over ten thousand square feet, which makes Beeman Park a very desirable area of Studio City. The school district is Riverside Elementary which provides a high-quality education for all students while promoting a meaningful understanding of and appreciation for cultural diversity and individual differences. To attain this goal, Riverside School offers a standards-based curriculum, using the state frameworks as guides for core content, research-based instructional strategies, and multiple assessment measures.

Beeman Park, LA County, California and Near to Studio City

Beeman Park is a gem of a place to live and call home near Studio City. The staff of the Beeman Park Recreation Center is adamant about catering to children and adults of all ages, with specific senior citizen activities and a variety of children’s programs. Most notable is the Annual Family Festival in December with real snow, and we are happy to report Gingerbread house-building is sponsored by BryanAbrams.com!


Beeman Park is known for its landscaping and mature trees that provide a natural shade canopy for the children’s play areas. Facility highlights at Beeman Park include a new jogging path with a Parcourse, an auditorium, barbecue pits, four baseball diamonds, outdoor basketball courts, two play areas, picnic tables, four tennis courts, and legacy gymnastic equipment just to name a few amenities you and your family will enjoy here. The Studio City Recreation Center is located at 12621 Rye St., Studio City, CA.

Sixth Annual Winter Family Festival in Beeman Park, Los Angeles

aefe3ab5ddb7974298387cfa8b7e72dc-mz2a3979Plenty of Snow and Gingerbread House building for you and the kids with the return of the Sixth Annual Winter Family Festival. The 2015 event, saw hundreds of kids making over 300 Gingerbread houses and playing in more than 70 Tons of snow, with chutes, snowball fights, and snowman making for the children. Parking for this festival is free with a free shuttle found at CBS Studio Center, 4024 Radford, CA 91604.

Families attending the holiday event in previous years contributed more than 500 pieces of clothing, more than 240 pounds of food, as well as dozens of boxes of books and toys to the onsite Festival of Giving, staged by the Studio City Residents Association in Beeman Park. The North Hollywood Interfaith pantry food, St. Charles Service Center, the LAPD North Hollywood Division Present and Food Drive, 33aafe9d8b8f4b1be056af385458c746-mz2a3221Pet Orphans, Aviva Family, Children’s Services, and Iris Blossom Charities have all joined forces in prior years to make this event a special time for giving back to the Beeman Park community and surrounding areas. Guests also loved samples from local restaurants, making crafts, free pictures with Santa, food trucks, and a number of other festive activities during this giving time of year where families can come together to make a huge difference!

Second Sunday in December
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Studio City Recreation Center
12621 Rye Street, Studio City, CA 91604