Colfax Meadows

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Colfax-MeadowsColfax Meadows, with approximately 900 homes, was one of Studio City’s original neighborhoods – Now it’s one of Studio City Real Estate’s most popular and established neighborhoods. Colfax Meadows is in Los Angeles County, California bordered by Moorpark on the north, Ventura Boulevard on the south, Colfax Avenue on the west and Tujunga Avenue on the east.

People bought here for the large lots and the recognition that this was a great place for multi-generational families — many of the same reasons they buy here today. In Colfax Meadows a large parcel of rural land was first developed in the 1920’s and named for Schuyler Colfax, vice president under President Ulysses S. Grant from 1869 to 1873.


In both the old and new, Colfax Meadows’ streets are a hodgepodge of small 1930’s bungalows and traditional homes, side by side with large, newly built homes. There is one discernible difference however, between homes in the original Colfax Meadows and the extended neighborhood… The original neighborhood still has no sidewalks along the streets, which are bordered by abundant sycamore, palm and orange trees. The sprawling ranch-style homes built in the 1930’s dominate the older section, but the lots, which run as large as 24,000 square feet, have been gradually pared down.

Today, Colfax Meadows is a mixture of large homes on large lots (on streets running east/west) and smaller homes on smaller lots with sidewalks. The area shares a similar history and architecture with Footbridge Square, but with larger lots and homes. There are no through streets to the river, which limits traffic, and pockets of greenery off the river make walking pleasant.

Colfax-Meadows-L Colfax Meadows has a unique situation when it comes to public elementary school options. All residents of Colfax Meadows have the option of selecting the Carpenter Community Charter School and depending on the location within Colfax Meadows, you can select Colfax Elementary or Rio Vista Elementary.

Colfax Meadows is best known for its proximity to the trendy Tujunga Village which features such delights as the Aroma Cafe, Vitellos, Sweet Rose Creamery, The Gelato Bar and many other boutiques and hair salons. Tujunga Commercial District is nestled between Colfax Meadows and the Tujunga Village Neighborhoods.