Colfax Meadows

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Colfax-MeadowsColfax Meadows has an assortment of approximately 1,000 highly desirable homes near Studio City, California. The neighborhood has quite the allure with some of the best homes in the region and draws people because it is one of the most established neighborhoods in Southern California. You can’t beat the convenience of location in Colfax Meadows. Bordered from Ventura Boulevard to the south, Moorpark to the north, Colfax Avenue to the west, and Tujunga Avenue to the east… Colfax Meadows offers the best of the best to its residents.

Sprawling Estate or Romantic Cottage? Colfax Meadows has an incredible variety of homes

If you are looking for an attractive large home on a sprawling lot with room to grow you are in luck. Some of the most desired real estate in the greater Los Angeles area is in Colfax Meadows. Perhaps you are in the market for a cozy and more romantic home? Colfax Meadows delivers diverse real estate options for you to pick from. The area is known for its multifamily and multi-generational homes. Regardless of the size of your family, Colfax Meadows offers home sizes and styles that work for most. You are in the right place to find your new home in Colfax Meadows. Have you been dreaming of a brand new home? A 30’s bungalow? Or perhaps an ultra modern remodel? Here’s a little bit of local history for the next neighborhood trivia night. Colfax Meadows is named after its namesake, Schuyler Colfax, who was vice president of the USA under President Ulysses S. Grant in 1860 and 1870.

The Early Days of Colfax Meadows

Colfax-Meadows-SLYou might not notice this the first time you are in Colfax Meadows but if you begin to pay attention to the older homes in the area and you will notice that there are very few sidewalks … A handful of those bigger, older homes were actually built closer to the beginning of the 1900’s and most home plans didn’t include plans for sidewalks. If you look at some of the newer bungalows from the 1930’s you will the sidewalks you are used too! Today the sidewalks in Colfax Meadows provide room for biking, jogging and dog walks.

Tasty Eats and Treats

Colfax-Meadows-LResidents of Colfax Meadows are in walking proximity to tons of nearby neighborhood haunts, shops, bars, and restaurants. Best known for its relatively close proximity to the hot, up and coming Tujunga Village, Colfax Meadows brings a great deal of culture that is new to the region. What is more, local residents may walk or bike to their most favorite regional restaurants, stores, and cafes such as Sweet Rose Creamery and the Aroma Cafe. Present day Colfax Meadows has really developed from the early days and it’s easy to understand why it’s such a sought-after neighborhood to call home.

Nevertheless, the neighboring Tujunga Commercial District situated between Tujunga Village Neighborhoods and Colfax Meadows isn’t the only thing worth chatting about with Bryan Abrams… The region is also home to some of the area’s greatest elementary and secondary schools in all Southern California. If there wasn’t already enough to love about Colfax Meadows there is now! Call, text or email Bryan Abrams today to find your dream home in Colfax Meadows.