Footbridge Square

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Footbridge Square, a lovely old oak tree lined neighborhood in Studio City, Los Angeles, California, earns its namesake from the footbridge at Laurelgrove that allows for the community to cross the Los Angeles River to Ventura Boulevard, giving access to some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment in the whole of the Los Angeles County area.

The footbridge also provides access to the walking path along 1.9 miles of the Los Angeles River channel, which is a wonderful place to take an evening stroll, walk your dogs, power walk, jog, run, or just enjoy the two local parks that line the river, along with their native plants, public art, river rock walls, ramps, and shaded benches. The Footbridge Square area is bound by Moorpark to the north, Whitsett to the west, Laurel Canyon to the east, and Ventura Boulevard to the south. Footbridge Square also lies within the district boundaries for the award-winning Carpenter Avenue School District, known across the entire country as one of the best school districts in the U.S., which is one great reason why so many area parents decide to relocate to the Footbridge Square area of Los Angeles County.

The Neighborly Footbridge Square Annual Fourth of July Parade Celebration

The incredibly neighborly area of Footbridge Square, Los Angeles, is best characterized by the yearly fourth of July parade that just in 2016 celebrated its 40th year of family fun. Every Fourth of July, nearly a thousand men, women, children (and dogs!) get decked out in their best red, white, and blue attire to walk the parade route that begins right at Footbridge Square itself. The Footbridge Square Parade kicks off at Valley Spring Lane and St. Claire Avenue and circles around the area before landing in front of Art Altonian’s house—one of the more active organizers of the parade and subsequent potluck block party for the past decade or so. Art can be found at the barbeque, joyfully chatting with other neighborhood families who are flipping pancakes or helping newcomers find a place at the table for their potluck contribution. In years past, there was even a live band playing patriotic American standards in Art’s driveway!

Footbridge Square, LA, CA Annual Potluck and Pancake Breakfast is Fun for the Whole Family!

Every year the neighborhood residents put on a pancake breakfast and barbecue grill potluck, a tradition that has endured over four decades. Charlene and Art Howard, proud residents of Footbridge Square, began helping with the parade in 1972.

When interviewed recently by a local paper, area resident, Art Altonian, was quoted as saying, “Don’t feel bad about not bringing anything for the potluck… there’s a donation box. Come on out and have some pancakes!” The potluck also encourages donations of money or certified canned goods, which enables the community to make a rather large yearly donation to the Valley Food Pantry of Los Angeles County, California.

Footbridge Square, Los Angeles Housing Prices

If you are considering a move to the neighborly Footbridge Square area, it may behoove you to know ahead of time that houses here range in prices around the one-million-dollar mark and slightly above, roughly no higher than about $1.4 million with a few minor exceptions here and there. That said, you can also rent in this area if that’s more appealing to you, but the cost of doing so is generally higher than the price you would pay in a monthly mortgage within the same area, so buying a house in Footbridge Square is usually your best bet. If you are concerned about getting your children into the area’s legendary Carpenter Avenue School District but don’t think you have the money to buy a home in Footbridge Square, Los Angeles, call and talk to Bryan Abrams first by dialing 818.266.4300—he may well be able to help you figure things out, even if it means moving to another local area within the Carpenter School District of Los Angeles.

How to Know if Footbridge Square, Los Angeles is Right For You and Your Family

If you are the type of homeowner and family that likes to stick close together and not do much to mingle with the community around you, Footbridge Square in LA County near Studio City may not be the best area neighborhood for you. Because of its tight-knit nature and strong communal living-type atmosphere, Footbridge Square is known in the area to be one of the most active communities where families become friends and get together for a variety of events pretty regularly. So, if potluck dinners, barbecues with neighbors, and a litany of parades and celebratory events don’t sound like they are up your alley, consider another Studio City community, such as The Donas or Studio City Hills, which both offer a little more space for your family to stay in its own lane.