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The 122 acres of trees and hiking trails of Fryman Canyon Park are on the valley-side of Mulholland Drive.


Fryman Canyon Park

It can be tricky to get to the walking areas as entrances are located at the cul-de-sacs of big estates and parking is often restricted. Once you get on the trails, the park offers some of the best views of the entire San Fernando Valley.

A fitness course is a popular hike: horseback riders take to the trail, and dogs are allowed (on leashes only). The Betty B. Dearing Cross Mountain Trail connects this area to the nearby Wilacre Park, Franklin Canyon and Coldwater Canyon Park.

Massive pines keep the three-mile walk surprisingly cool all year round, and native chaparral, deer and other California wildlife abound even though it’s surrounded by the sounds of the city.

What makes this community special? You may walk for ten minutes without seeing a soul, then suddenly run across a famous Hollywood face walking their fancy designer dog.

Are there any interesting facts about this location? Here’s a secret, the paths come out on Summit Circle, Mulholland Drive at Allenwood Road, Fryman Road, Valleycrest Drive and Mulholland Terrace. It’s probably easiest to park at Wilacre Park, pay for the parking and walk uphill.