Studio City Hills Homes in The Donas: A distinctive zip code within LA County

The Donas is a unique development of extremely upscale single-family homes in a prime area of Studio City. 100% of all the residential properties in The Donas are single-family homes and are located within the Carpenter Community Charter School District. It a beautiful community of homes, located in the Studio City Hills and one of the only areas around with ALL underground utilities, offering unblemished panoramic vistas.

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Phenomenal views, quiet space, breathtaking mountains, right by Mulholland Drive

DonaThe views from The Dona neighborhood within Studio City Hills are a real treat with gorgeous mountains in the background. The streets all begin with the Spanish word, Dona, (pronounced do-nyah) which is derived from the Spanish word meaning “madam.” These Studio City homes for sale by Bryan Abrams were mostly built in the 1960s, and many of them boast very unique, cool, midcentury modern architectural styles. Many of these homes have a wonderful view of the San Fernando Valley and outlying city. This neighborhood straddles both sides of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and is nestled within the hilly areas just south of Ventura Boulevard.

Hollywood access, walking distance from shops, right on Laurel Canyon Blvd.

Donas-imageThe Dona is bordered on the south by Mulholland Drive. This area is ideal for easy West Hollywood access from Studio City and Studio City Hills neighborhoods within Los Angeles County. The Donas is conveniently located close to the many vibrant local shops, restaurants, and galleries on Ventura Boulevard. The area of The Donas neighborhood is also very close to many parks and hiking spots such as the beautiful Wilacre Park, Radford Canyon, and Ramirez Canyon Park, to name just a few.

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You’ll find a great number of Bryan Abrams homes for sale in LA County at some of the best-known locales in all of Studio City and Studio City Hills. Here are a few places you may want a bird’s eye view of before you go house hunting in LA County:

  • Briarcrest Fire Rd
  • Dona Pepita Pl
  • Dona Dorotea Dr
  • Dona Cecilia Dr
  • Dona Evita Dr
  • Dona Alicia Pl
  • Dona Maria Dr
  • Dona Teresa Dr
  • Dona Dolores Pl
  • Laurel Canyon Blvd
  • Dona Pegita Dr
  • Dona Lisa Dr
  • Dona Lola Dr
  • Dona Rose Dr
  • Dona Nenita Pl
  • Dona Susana Dr
  • Dona Sofia Dr
  • Dona Marta Dr
  • Dona Emilia Dr
  • Streamview Ln
  • Dona Sarita Pl
  • Dona Isabel Dr

Briarcrest Fire Rd.: An epic destination, Briarcrest Fire Drive offers tremendous views of Ramirez Canyon Park to the south, and downtown Studio City to the north. Just east of Fryman Road and slightly east of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, this quintessentially Studio City location is beloved by many.

Dona Alicia Pl.: This small, seemingly rural street located in The Donas area of Studio City is coached by Laurel Canyon Blvd. to the north and Oakdale Road to the south. You’ll enjoy house hunting through the large lots on this street and enjoy the quiet of this premier SoCal neighborhood within LA County.

Dona Cecilia Dr.: South of Dona Evita Drive to the north and Briarcrest Fire Road to the south, Dona Cecilia offers some of the best views in all of The Donas neighborhood within Studio City, CA. For those who enjoy walking and getting some time outdoors each day, this walking-friendly area offers many shops, restaurants, and other attractions very close by.

Dona Dolores Pl.: This quintessentially Los Angeles part of The Donas neighborhood offers great proximity to Radford Canyon park as well as many nearby shops, restaurants, and other “only in LA” locations for shopping and sightseeing. If you are new to the area, you may well consider Dona Dolores Place for your home within The Donas neighborhood of Studio City Hills.

Dona Dorotea Dr.: Noted for its extremely close proximity to Briarcrest Fire Road and the Ramirez Cayon Park just to the south of Dona Dorotea Drive, this is the perfect place for your new Los Angeles home if you enjoy beautiful mountain views and the quiet offered by nature to the homes on this sleepy Studio City Hills street.

Dona Emilia Dr.: This relaxing street within The Donas neighborhood of Studio City Hills is buttressed by Dona Marta to the northwest and Dona Susana Drive to the southeast. For those who like living where the action is, the homes on this street ensure that you’ll be within walking distance of the local shops and restaurants. You will love living in Dona Emilia Drive!

Dona Evita Dr.: Located to the east of Houlihan Film Music and west of Dona Teresa Drive, this larger-than-average street within The Donas neighborhood of Studio City Hills offers homeowners the chance to enjoy both the serenity and the close proximity offered by this niched enclave of LA County.

Dona Isabel Dr.: Located perfectly between Dona Marta Drive to the north and Dona Susana Drive to the south, this small, quaint street within The Donas neighborhood of Studio City Hilla in Los Angeles County offers all the close proximity and all the quiet that can be so hard to find within LA. Enjoy perusing homes for sale here with Bryan Abrams!

Dona Lisa Dr.: This dog-legged street within The Donas neighborhood of Studio City Hills offers homeowners and renters in the area walking distance to the area’s many beloved shops and restaurants. If you enjoy living close to nature, you’ll definitely enjoy your new proximity to Mother Nature at nearby parks and canyons!

Dona Lola Dr.: Located just east of Radford Canyon, and just north of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, this quintessentially quiet and sleepy street between Dona Pegita Drive and Berry Drive offers everything you could possibly want in a Studio City Hills home today.

Dona Maria Dr.: Located near several well-known shops, restaurants, and other local attractions, Dona Maria Drive offers the perfect balance between all things LA and placid harmony with nature. Enjoy evening walks to your favorite local eatery, or early morning walks with your dog through Ramirez Canyon Park. This is a truly beautiful place to live.

Dona Marta Dr.: Located just two blocks east of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and one block west of Dona Emilia Drive, this quiet area within The Donas area of Studio City Hills, California truly offers something for everyone. Walk to your favorite shops and parks and enjoy quiet time at home with the family. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

Dona Nenita Pl.: Just northeast of Laurel Canyon Boulevard between Dona Marta Drive and Dona Emilia Drive, this luxurious part of The Donas neighborhood within Studio City Hills is an excellent place to enjoy the outdoors and host parties. You’ll love the sprawling properties on this street, as well as the super-close proximity to all your favorite local spots.

Dona Pegita Dr.: Located just one block east of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and just south of Dona Sarita Place, this gorgeous enclave within Studio City Hills offers all the best of LA County restaurants and nearby shops. You’ll love getting outside and enjoying the many nearby parks, canyons, and other attractions.

Dona Pepita Pl.: Located just one block north of Briarcrest Fire Road and the nearby Ramirez Canyon Park, Dona Pepita Place is among the quieter and more serene spots within The Donas neighborhood of Studio City Hills within LA County. If you’re looking for a nice, quiet place with walking, running, hiking, and dog walking nearby, this could absolutely be the best place for your new home in Los Angeles!

Dona Rosa Dr.: Located between Dona Lola Drive to the north and Mulholland Drive to the southeast, Dona Rosa is perhaps a little more boisterous than some of the other streets within The Donas neighborhood of Studio City Hills, CA. That said, if you are used to the fast-paced life of LA County, then you may find this offers a little respite from all the hullaballoo.

Dona Sarita Pl.: Located at the junction between Laurel Canyon Blvd. and Streamview Lane to the southwest, Dona Sarita Place can be described as a somewhat sleepy internal road of The Donas neighborhood in Studio City. If you enjoy having a quiet home throughout the day, but also enjoy close proximity to nearby shopping and eateries, this could be the perfect part of The Donas for you!

Dona Sofia Dr.: You’ll quickly notice that homes on Dona Sofia Drive are located just a block north of Laurel Canyon Park, where homeowners regularly walk their dogs, take a brisk run in the morning, or hang out for a quick yoga session. Beyond this attraction, you’ll enjoy the proximity to Mulholland Drive as well as a quick and simple access to the rest of The Dona neighborhood.

Dona Susana Dr.: Gorgeous Dona Susana Drive is located just east of Dona Emilia Drive and just west of the famed Mulholland Drive of Cinema fame. For those who like feeling safe at home, it’s helpful to know that Los Angeles Fire Department Station 97 is just a stone’s throw away. And, for those who enjoy the outdoors, you’ll be pleased to know that living on Dona Susana Drive gives you walking distance to Laurel Canyon Park, well known for some of the most beautiful views within LA County.

Dona Teresa Dr.: Located just south of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and east of Houlihan Film Music studios, Dona Teresa offers quiet time during mornings and afternoons, and beautiful views regardless of the time of day. A perfect place to call home for anyone looking for a single-family property within Los Angeles County, CA.

Laurel Canyon Blvd.: Well known for its many roles in dramas that take place in Los Angeles County, Laurel Canyon Boulevard is home to many Hollywood celebrities. Additionally, it is a quiet, enjoyable place to live, whether you have children or live on your own. Interestingly, Laurel Canyon Blvd straddles Studio City to the East and the Silver Triangle to the west.

Streamview Ln.: This small street within The Donas in Studio City, CA is located right off of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, between Dona Pegita Drive and Dona Sarita Place. Southeast of Radford Canyon, this is a gorgeous locale in LA County.