The Dona’s

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DonaThe Dona’s is a unique development of extremely upscale single family homes in a prime area of Studio City. 100% of all the residential properties in The Dona’s are single-family homes and are located within the Carpenter Community Charter School District.  It a beautiful community of homes, located in the Studio City Hills and one of the only areas around with ALL underground utilities, offering unblemished panoramic vistas.

Donas-imageThe views are a real treat with gorgeous mountains in the background.The streets all begin with the Dona, pronounced [dwa-nyah] which is derived from the Spanish word meaning Madam. These homes were mostly built in the 1960’s and many of them boast very unique, cool Mid-Century architectural styles. Many of these homes have a wonderful view of the San Fernando Valley and outlying city. This neighbourhood straddles both sides of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and is in the hilly portion south of Ventura Boulevard. It is bordered on the south by Mulholland Drive. This area is ideal for easy West Hollywood access from Studio City. The Dona’s is conveniently located close to the many vibrant shops, restaurants and galleries on Ventura Boulevard. The area of The Dona’s is also very close to many parks and hiking spots such as the beautiful Wilacre Park!

  • Briarcrest Fire Rd
  • Dona Pepita Pl
  • Dona Dorotea Dr
  • Dona Cecilia Dr
  • Dona Evita Dr
  • Dona Alicia Pl
  • Dona Maria Dr
  • Dona Teresa Dr
  • Dona Dolores Pl
  • Laurel Canyon BLvd
  • Dona Pegita Dr
  • Dona Lisa Dr
  • Dona Lola Dr
  • Dona Rose Dr
  • Dona Nenita Pl
  • Dona Susana Dr
  • Dona Sofia Dr
  • Dona Marta Dr
  • Dona Emilia Dr
  • Streamview Ln
  • Dona Sarita Pl
  • Dona Isabel Dr