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Bryan Abrams Neighborhoods: The Grove in the Greater Los Angeles Area

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Some of your favorite shows from the 1980s, 90s, and early 2000s, including Hill Street Blues, Roseanne, Seinfeld, Will & Grace, and That 70s Show were filmed at the famed CBS Studios on Radford in The Grove area neighborhood of Los Angeles. But there is a lot more to The Grove neighborhood that just Hollywood celebrities and hobnobbing with the most famous among us. Around 550 people reside in The Grove neighborhood, and of those, the median age is 32 years old, which explains exactly how the area maintains its edgy appeal.

Architectural styles you’ll see in The Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles County

While there is certainly a great contrast between ultra-modern and rustically styled homes within the area of The Grove, some of the area’s most popular and beloved homes are styled in the midcentury modern design. This evolved style of architecture that rose to popularity in the 1960s is something of an obsession for homebuyers of today, who absolutely adore the stylings of architectural giants and those who followed their lead, especially those who designed homes in The Grove neighborhood and several other neighborhoods within the Greater Los Angeles Area. If you enjoy midcentury modern architecture, then The Grove neighborhood will be right up your alley in the most literal sense.

The amenities you’ll enjoy when living in The Grove neighborhood of LA

When you live within The Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles, there are a lot of perks you’ll have to get used to, not the least of which is extremely close proximity to some of the finest restaurants and eateries in the entire Greater Los Angeles Area. You will also enjoy ultra-close proximity to some of the area’s most highly lauded cinemas and theatres designed for live performances of the arts as well as for your favorite new films of the day. From one block to the next, you could be in for a great standup comic routine or the hottest new movie to theatres this year.

What’s more, you will want for nothing when it comes to high end shops, couture boutiques, kiosks that sell anything you can imagine, and so much more. Grab a great book from Barnes and Noble, an ice cream from a nearby vendor, some new threads from the trendiest shops in LA, and even take in an evening cooking class held at Sur La Table, which is just walking distance from the homes located within The Grove neighborhood. You’ll also enjoy close proximity to all the manicures and pedicures your heart desires from salons in the area, as well as some of the most highly lauded clothiers and shoe stores where you can find top names in footwear today.

Up close and personal in The Grove of Los Angeles

If you have looked all throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area without having found a home that speaks to you, it could very well be that The Grove neighborhood within LA County will offer just what you have in mind for your next home. With a bounty of architectural styles to choose from and a huge host of nearby amenities to enjoy, there is a lot here for you to enjoy on your terms and on your own personalized time table. Enjoy the best of LA with the intimate and personal feel of Southern California when you choose a home for sale in The Grove today!