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The area of Studio City known as The Silver Triangle is considered a very desirable location because of its proximity to Ventura Blvd, Carpenter Avenue Elementary, and Fryman Canyon.

Carpenter Avenue Elementary School is known across the nation as one of the best public schools across the entirety of the United States. Families move to The Silver Triangle specifically for its close proximity to the Carpenter Avenue Elementary School, as well as other excellent preschools, high schools, and daycare options for parents with very young children.

Where is The Silver Triangle located within Studio City and Los Angeles County?

The street boundaries of The Silver Triangle are Laurel Canyon to the west, Whitsett to the east, Laurel Terrace to the south, and Ventura Blvd to the north. This wide swath of Los Angeles County is home to a number of different homebuyers who have ventured to The Silver Triangle from all corners of Los Angeles and the rest of the country as well.

There are a fairly wide variety of homes in The Silver Triangle. The homes within this Studio City neighborhood range from small 2 bedroom, 1 bath houses on small lots to several more sizeable brand new homes situated on much larger lots with larger front and back yard areas that the whole family can enjoy. Recently, several double lots have been sold and two new homes have been built on those lots — The Silver Triangle is a very desirable area for developers. There are also some even larger homes on double or simply larger lots located high in the hills above The Silver Triangle neighborhood within Studio City, Los Angeles.

The Silver Triangle Neighborhood and the homes for sale you can expect to find there

The subdivision of The Silver Triangle in Studio City is located in Los Angeles County, California and also within the San Fernando Valley, which is also part of LA County. The Silver Triangle has a total of 405 homes, of which all are single-family homes. For those trying to find condominiums, apartments, or other types of homes within Los Angeles County, have a look at some of the other neighborhoods served by Bryan Abrams, including several within close proximity to the Carpenter School District, Studio City area parks, and other local attractions, including neighborhood restaurants, art galleries, schools, and nearby entertainment for the whole family.

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If you already have your sights set on a home within The Silver Triangle neighborhood of Studio City, let Bryan Abrams know so that he can pull up listings with the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you are looking for. There are several newer listings with as many as three or four baths and four or more bedrooms within The Silver Triangle neighborhood of Studio City, LA County. When you contact Bryan Abrams at 818-266-4300, he can let you know right away which listings are available for you to see right away. To set up a viewing time with Bryan Abrams, call or send an email through the contact page of this website right away for a quicker response time.