Valley Village

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Valley Village has an interesting history. It didn’t really start off as a city, but as a community. Valley Village is part of a larger region known as the San Fernando Valley which is in Los Angeles, California. It’s positioned between Studio City, North Hollywood and Sherman Oaks. It only occupies one zip code which is 91607. The original Valley Village community was brought together back in 1939. One of the key differences that separated Valley Village from North Hollywood was that Valley Village was considered a more upscale area with pathways, cycling paths, small parks and a recreation center. That is at the heart of why Valley Village was formed for people striving for a better way of living. An area that was more a community for families, not to be overcrowded with franchise businesses and high rises. It’s because of that commitment, that in 1991, Valley Village was legally recognized as its own community by the Los Angeles City Council.

Today, there are approximately, 30,000 residents in Valley Village and even though there are plenty of business and shops in the area most try to preserve the founding philosophy as the founders intended.

In 1993, several building restrictions were ratified for the area. Examples include restrictions on certain types of commercial enterprises, placement of balconies of apartments buildings, as well as requiring a certain level of landscaping. New commercial buildings cannot be higher than 36 feet and homes cannot be higher than 30 feet.

Valley Village strives to be a low rise community so that the residents aren’t overshadowed by large corporations, high rises or mc mansions. It is a community geared towards its residents.

One of the unique traditions in Valley Village is the annual Home Garden Tour. Each year residents open up their private gardens for viewing and winners are announced at the end.

Residents of the neighborhood attend school in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Some residents are zoned to Colfax Elementary School, Burbank Elementary School (Valley Village), or Riverside Elementary School (in Sherman Oaks).  Some residents are zoned to Walter Reed Middle School (in Studio City) or Millikan Middle School (in Sherman Oaks). For high school, Valley Village residents attend either North Hollywood High School (in Valley Village) or Grant High School (in Valley Glen).  The high school campus of Oakwood School, a private school, is in Valley Village.