Beeman Park


About Beeman Park

Beeman Park is a quaint, historic neighborhood centered around Studio City Recreation Center Park. It is bordered by Whitsett Ave on the east on Moorpark St on the south. The neighborhood is known for it’s distinct architectural style, developed primarily in the 1950’s by prolific valley builder William Mellenthin. Mellenthin’s so-called “Birdhouse” homes are named for the distinctive dovecotes (birdhouses) that adorn their garages. These homes, which are quintessential of the valley style and which dominate Beeman Park, are also distinguishable by their diamond-paned windows and red-brick fireplaces.

The park itself has many recreational facilities, including a baseball diamond, lighted basketball courts, barbeque pits and a children’s play area. Large, mature trees protect the park from direct sunlight and offer ample space for locals to sprawl out during Sunday picnics. The recreation center regularly hosts a wide variety of classes such as Zumba, Tai Chi, guitar and tennis as well annual holiday events and seasonal sports for kids. There is plenty of street parking in and around the neighborhood, and most homes are only a short walk from the air-conditioned Studio City Library.